Jolly Hotdog Price 2024 Solo and with Fries, Calories

The Jolly Hotdog remains a beloved choice among fast-food enthusiasts in the Philippines. Known for its savory flavor and budget-friendly prices, the Jolly Hotdog offers a satisfying meal option across various Jollibee outlets nationwide. This guide provides an in-depth look at the prices, menu variations, and tips on enjoying these hotdogs, ensuring that Jollibee fans can enjoy their favorite snack without any surprises.

Jolly Hotdog Solo Price 2024

The Jolly Hotdog Solo is a delectable treat from Jollibee, featuring a juicy beef hotdog nestled in a soft bun, smothered with a unique dressing, and sprinkled with grated cheese. It’s an affordable snack that packs a flavorful punch, perfect for those craving a quick and satisfying bite.

Meal without Fries and Drink 85 PH

With Fries Or Drink

Enjoy a hotdog of Jollibee with fries and a drink at an affordable price. It serves fries with specific sauces which provide a unique taste but cost more compared to solo. Because they charge some extra charges for fries.

Include Fries 114 PH
Fries and Drink 154 PH

Jolly Hotdog Calories

Health conscious or those who do diet ask first how many calories are in Jollibee Hotdogs and then try. As per one order, people will take an overall 386kcal and other details like fat, etc given in the table.

Calories 386kcal
Fat 14.00g
Carbs 55.00g
Protein 10.00g

Is Jolly Hotdog halal?

The halal status of Jolly Hotdog from Jollibee depends on the specific location as not all Jollibee outlets serve halal-certified food. It’s best to check with the specific Jollibee outlet or look for halal certification displayed at the location to confirm whether their Jolly Hotdog is halal.

Jollibee Hotdog

Comparisons with Other Jollibee Menu Items

Comparatively, the Jolly Hotdog holds its own against other popular Jollibee items like the Yum Burger, mix and match Jollibee, and the Chickenjoy. Price-wise, the Jolly Hotdog is often seen as a more budget-friendly option compared to a Chickenjoy meal which could cost upwards of PHP 100.

To maximize the enjoyment of your Jolly Hotdog, consider pairing it with Jollibee’s famous Jolly Spaghetti for a truly Filipino meal experience, or add a Peach Mango Pie for a sweet finish. Visiting during off-peak hours can also enhance the experience by ensuring fresher preparation and quicker service.

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