Mix and Match Jollibee

One best aspect of dining at Jollibee is the ability to mix and match different items to create a meal that suits your taste perfectly. Whether you are a fan of their famous Yumburger, like their sweet style spaghetti, or enjoy their any of dessert, all stuff is perfectly prepared at this place. For a perfect meal it’s good to know that how to create your ideal meal by mix and match Jollibee’s miscellaneous menu items.

Choices of Jollibee Mix and Match 2024 with Menu

There are two set of items in the menu of Mix and Match Jollibee 2024 and it’s compulsory to pick one from each portion. So, one can make any of combination he like most. Division of items are in the following groups:

Set 1 Set 2
  • Yumburger
  • Jolly Spaghetti
  • 1 PC Burger Steak
  • Tuna Pie
  • Peach Mango Pie
  • Coke Float
  • Jolly Crispy Fries
  • Choco Sundae
  • Pineapple Juice

We have few ideas about mix and match by the Jollibee with a wonderful combination of items. They may decide to create a variety of tasty and satisfying meals. Here’s a deeper look at the suggested pairings:

Mix and Match Jollibee

Burger Steak with Jolly Crispy Fries

  • Burger Steak: A juicy beef patty smothered in savory mushroom gravy, served with steamed rice.
  • Jolly Crispy Fries: Golden, crispy French fries.


This pairing is a classic and comforting combination. Their crispy fries provide a delightful contrast to the tender, gravy covered beef patty. It’s a hearty meal that balances savory flavors with satisfying textures. The crunch of the fries enhances the overall dining experience, making it a well loved choice.

Items Prices Original Price In Mix and Match Combo Price
Burger Steak + Jolly Crispy Fries PHP 60 + PHP 50 PHP 110 PHP 75

Jolly Spaghetti with Choco Sundae

  • Jolly Spaghetti: Sweet style tomato sauce with hotdog slices and grated cheese over pasta.
  • Choco Sundae: Creamy vanilla ice cream topped with rich chocolate syrup.


Mostly pairing combines a savory main dish with a sweet dessert is producing a balance. Sweetness of the spaghetti sauce complements the rich chocolate flavor of the sundae, make it a playful and enjoyable combination. It’s perfect for those who enjoy contrasting flavors in their meal.

Prices Original Mix and Match Combo Charges
Jolly Spaghetti + Choco Sundae 60 + ₱ 50 ₱ 110 ₱ 75

Yumburger with Peach Mango Pie:

  • Yumburger: A juicy beef patty with special dressing and fresh lettuce, sandwiched between a soft bun.
  • Peach Mango Pie: A crispy pastry filled with sweet peach and mango filling.


With Yumburger and Peach Mango Pie match has a superb merge of savory and sweet. The rich, juicy beef patty of the Yumburger pairs excellently with the crispy, fruity sweetness of the Peach Mango Pie. This combination is balanced and satisfying, making it a great choice for a well formed meal.

Items Prices Original Price In Mix and Match Combo Price
Yumburger + Peach Mango Pie 40 + 48 88 PHP 75 PHP

Tuna Pie with Pineapple Juice

  • Tuna Pie: A crispy pastry filled with creamy tuna filling.
  • Pineapple Juice: A refreshing, tropical beverage.


With Tuna Pie and Pineapple Juice mix is a fresh and light combination. One more time, savory tuna filling in the pie is complemented by the sweet and tangy pineapple juice, creating a refreshing contrast. This is perfect for a lighter meal or snack, especially if you enjoy tropical flavors.

Prices Original Mix and Match Combo
Tuna Pie + Pineapple Juice 53 + 64 ₱ 117 ₱ 75

Burger Steak with Coke Float

  • Burger Steak: A juicy beef patty smothered in savory mushroom gravy, served with steamed rice.
  • Coke Float: Classic Coke with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.


Mixing the Burger Steak with a Coke Float adds an interesting twist to the meal. The flavors of the burger steak are balanced by the sweet and fizzy Coke Float. While ice cream in the float provides a creamy contrast that complements the savory beef, making it an enjoyable and unique combination.

Items Prices Original Price In Mix and Match Combo Price
Burger Steak + Coke Float 60 + 57 117 75

All these pairings bring out different aspects of Jollibee’s menu, allowing you to experience a variety of flavors and textures. Here’s a quick summary of the pairings:

Mix and Match 1: A hearty and classic combination with contrasting textures.

2: A playful mix of savory and sweet.

3: A balanced blend of savory and sweet flavors.

4: A fresh and light combination with tropical notes.

5: A unique pairing that balances savory and sweet with a creamy twist.

By mixing and matching these items, you can create a meal that suits your taste and satisfies your food desires. In a situation you prefer savory, sweet, or a mix of both, Jollibee’s menu offers endless possibilities for delicious combinations.


Come to price of each Mix and Match by Jollibee, then in average each pair originally cost in between 100 to 120 PHL but through this combo deal one can save an amount up to 45 Phl. Surely, this is a big saving when you make plan with big family. After discount, price becomes:

“75 PHL”

Until when Jollibee Mix and Match Last?

Yet, any formal date has not noted that when it will close. But they have rights to prolong it or disconnect it any time. So, better is to get benefit from it before the time of its ending.

Some more Choices of making good Mix and Match Combos

Yumburger with Peach Mango Pie:

From years, Yumburger is Jollibee’s take on the classic hamburger. This includes a juicy beef patty, special dressing, and fresh lettuce sandwiched between a soft bun. Pairing the Yumburger with a Peach Mango Pie creates a delightful combination of savory and sweet flavors.

Of course, rich and juicy beef patty contrasts beautifully with the crispy crust and sweet, fruity filling of the Peach Mango Pie. This pairing provides a balanced meal that is both satisfying and indulgent.

Jolly Spaghetti with Coke Float:

With others, Jolly Spaghetti is Jollibee’s most trending dishes, featuring a sweet-style tomato sauce, loaded with slices of hotdog, and topped with a generous amount of grated cheese. Pairing Jolly Spaghetti with a Coke Float adds a refreshing and indulgent twist to your meal.

 Sweetness of the Coke Float complements the unique sweet-style sauce of the spaghetti, while the ice cream adds a creamy texture that contrasts nicely with the pasta. This pairing is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet and savory combination.

1 pc Burger Steak with Jolly Crispy Fries:

A One 1 pc Burger Steak features a juicy beef patty smothered in savory mushroom gravy, served with steamed rice. Pairing this hearty dish with Jolly Crispy Fries creates a classic and satisfying fast-food experience.

 Crispy texture of the fries provides a delightful contrast to the tender beef patty and rich gravy. This combination is perfect for those who enjoy a hearty and filling meal with a mix of textures.

Tuna Pie with Choco Sundae:

The Tuna Pie is a crispy pastry filled with creamy tuna filling, offering a savory and satisfying option. Pairing the Tuna Pie with a Choco Sundae creates an exciting mix of flavors and textures. And it looks fine.

Warm, savory pie contrasts with the cold, sweet Choco Sundae, providing a delightful end to your meal. This pairing is perfect for those who enjoy a mix of savory and sweet flavors in their dining experience.

Each pairing offers a distinct and enjoyable dining experience. Whether you prefer traditional comfort food combinations or more adventurous pairings, Mix and Match Jollibee is allowing you to create meals that are tailored to your preferences. For a longtime fan or a first time visitor, the desire of discovering new flavor combinations and enjoying familiar favorites is identity of this spot.

What makes Jollibee Mix and Match Unique?

This is a top fast food chain based in Philippines has family friendly atmosphere and delicious menu items. Founded decades ago, it has grown to become he biggest and most beloved food location in the country and has expanded internationally.

The mix and match option in Jollibee allows customers to create their own meal combinations by selecting from a variety of menu items. This feature enables customers to pair different food items such as Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, burgers, and sides according to their preferences, providing a personalized dining experience.

How to order mix and match Jollibee online in Philippines?

To order a mix and match meal from Jollibee online in the Philippines, you can use the Jollibee Delivery website or their mobile app. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Jollibee Delivery website or open the app.
  2. Create an account or log in if you already have one.
  3. Select the ‘Mix and Match’ option from the menu.
  4. Choose the items you want to include in your meal.
  5. Add the meal to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  6. Enter your delivery details and payment information.
  7. Confirm your order and wait for your meal to be delivered.

Are there chicken nuggets in Jollibee?

Yes, Jollibee offers chicken nuggets on their menu. Known as ‘Jolly Crispy Chicken Nuggets’, they are popular among both children and other ages visitor. These nuggets are known for their best coating and juicy interior, and it serve with a dipping sauce too.