Jollibee Burger Steak Prices is How Much in 2024, Calories, Recipe

The dish features a juicy burger patty smothered in rich mushroom gravy, served with steamed rice, which makes it a hearty and satisfying meal. Jollibee Burger Steak Prices reflect the value offered by this popular dish, renowned for its enjoyable and savory flavor profile. Crafted using healthy ingredients, this menu item continues to carve out a niche in the fast-food market due to its distinctive taste and presentation.

How Much are Jollibee Burger Steak Prices in 2024

Burger Jollibee menu remains a beloved option for fast food lovers, offering both value and taste. Priced competitively, it continues to attract customers with its savory flavors and satisfying portions. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a first-time customer, the Burger Steak is a must-try item on Jollibee’s menu.

Items Price in PHP
3 pc Burger Steak and 3 Peach Mango Pies 329
Family Pan

  • 6 Pc Burger Steak
  • 8 Pc Burger Steak

With Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan

  • 6 Pc
  • 8 Pc

  • 355
  • 470


  • 570
  • 650
Burger Steak Solo 60
1 Pc Burger Steak

  • with Drink
  • with fries and a drink

  • 93
  • 133
  • 2 Pc Burger Steak
  • With Drink
  • 119
  • 155
  • 1 Pc Burger Steak with Shanghai
  • With Shanghai and Drink
  • 128
  • 156
Jolly Spaghetti

  • With Burger Steak
  • Also, Include Drink

  • 110
  • 144
1 Pc Chickenjoy with Burger Steak and Half Jolly Spaghetti Super Meal 212


Everybody knows how many calories exist in a burger steak of Jollibee. Basically, officially Jollibee has not issued any statement regarding them but people can calculate online.

The restaurant of Jollibee never issued info about Calories about Burger Steak on their webpage.

Burger Steak Jollibee Price


  1. Peanuts
  2. Crustaceans
  3. Fish
  4. Eggs
  5. Tree Nuts
  6. Milk
  7. Soya
  8. Cereals Containing Gluten
  9. Sulphites
  10. Sesame Seeds

All varieties of burger steak are crafted using the ingredients discussed above. The components employed in the preparation of the steak are thoroughly healthy.

Comparisons with Other Fast Food Options

When compared to other fast-food offerings, Jollibee’s Burger Steak holds its own due to its distinctive flavor and presentation. Unlike typical burgers, the Burger Steak offers a unique twist with its mushroom gravy and rice. This sets it apart from the competition and appeals to those seeking a different fast-food experience. Moreover, people can enjoy mix and match Jollibee deals and offers.

The Burger Steak at Jollibee continues to be a standout item in 2024. Its affordable price, delicious taste, and satisfying portions make it a favorite among fast-food enthusiasts. Whether you’re a regular visitor or a newcomer to Jollibee, the Burger Steak is a must-try dish that embodies the unique flavors and quality of this beloved fast-food chain.

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